Parallels Explained

Parallels is a themed concept EP, which follows a dystopian storyline beyond the brink of human extinction. The story toys with the idea of parallel universes, which have chosen to reach out in a last ditch effort to save us from self destruction. I intended to comment less on multiverse theory and more on the current state of our planet, and the direction we are taking it with war, deforestation, and fossil fuels. I’m a sucker for Sci-fi films so it was fun taking inspiration from the different worlds I’ve seen on the big screen and creating my own through music.

Musically the parallels concept is carried through each track with shared keys, chord progressions and sounds, but ultimately each has its own direction and purpose in the bigger picture. The soundscape is a mixture of organic and artificial sounds to paint the picture of our industrialised planet. The EP was written to be listened to from start to finish in one sitting.

I wanted to create a cohesive body of work using not only the music but also video, and the EP/single/tour art which I enjoyed putting together just as much and I’m happy to finally have it all out in the big bad world!

The nature of Parallels is more cinematic than club-ready, but the remixes take care of that with some absolute bombs from Torren Foot, Fear Of Dawn, and a sneaky VIP flip by yours truly 😉