Have you subscribed to the LOLO BX Youtube channel? Tour vlogs and educational videos on becoming a better producer and furthering your creative career

If you watched my previous video on how to get the most out of Youtube, you would have heard me say you should have a Youtube account! It’s one thing to watch the videos, it’s another to actually start following the right channels and creating your own playlists.

Who else should you follow? I got three for ya. Each heading is hyperlinked and should take you straight to the channel in question.

Brand Man

Brand Man Sean has been pumping out videos for years now and his account is STOCKED. As you might have guessed, his main focus is artist branding.

Sean breaks down all sorts of big rappers, their release schedules, how they blew up, and how to apply these strategies to your own career.

He also has a few other team members adding content to the channel covering other things like marketing etc.

Smart Rapper

This is run by rapper and business man Rob Level – yes another rapper-centric channel but all of the advice can be applied to any kind of modern artist.

Like Brand Man, Rob has been pushing out huge levels of content for years now, so this channel is primed and ready to go. Rob teaches you how to build everything yourself from the ground up, and how to map out a long-term career in the industry.

Everything from song writing, production, home studio advice, creating your own video content, marketing and investing in yourself. It’s all there.

Tom Bilyeu

If you’ve ever seen snippets of inspirational interviews filmed in a bright blue studio going viral across your social media feed, it was probably taken from Impact Theory – Tom Bilyeu’s Youtube/Podcast production.

Tom interviews a whole range of super-successful humans from all walks of life. Ranging from 30-60 mins, these interviews are great content for workouts or long drives.

My personal fave is an interview with Dr Joe Dispenza – which I go back to on the regular. He discusses how our potential is controlled in the mind, and how to change your subconscious behaviour and ultimately unlock new levels of personal success.

I hope that by now you have a Youtube account of your own. Sub to these guys, start pumping some of their vids and add your favourites to your playlists so you can go back to them again and again.