LOLO BX Box Party - Vol 1

After a hell of a release/listening party with our friends in Bx a couple weekends back, I’m excited to finally get this one out into the world.

Hold” is a song I’m proud of. I really liked going back to basics with this one and just making music I enjoy. I always prioritise melody and atmosphere in my approach to songwriting, and this is something Marcus really added to. He nailed the vocal writing and delivery to make this one extra special so I can’t thank him enough for getting involved.

LOLO BX - Hold ft. Marcus Bower

The whole process itself was really fun, I even got to rip a guitar solo at the end! I’ve wanted to incorporate guitar into the lolo project for a while and I’m finally finding the groove to make that work. More guitar features to come šŸ˜‰

There are heaps more original LOLO BX tunes wrapping up and Iā€™m looking forward to putting them out, so stay tuned. This is the first of many and I hope you enjoy it.

Out now! You can listen here. If you like it please share it around, throw it in your playlists, and do whatever else takes your fancy.

lolo xx