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This is where I drop the most important stories, announcements, and highlights from the blog. Project updates, exciting releases, music, tour news etc.

LOLO BX - Pulled Up (ft. Yuneer Gainz)video

Pulling Up with Yuneer Gainz

I made a music video! Huge shouts to FUXWITHIT for premiering this one.

We partied in a shipping container!?

I rounded up my Bx friends for a little invite-only party on the weekend and safe to say things got a little raucous. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than raving inside a smoked-out shipping container with my closest friends.
LOLO BX Music Australia

New site who dis?

Welcome to my new home! I wanted more of a voice to share whatever I'm working on with whoever is interested. You can call it a blog, but it's more of a central hub to connect my various platforms and help me present my projects with more depth and explanation. Click here for more ramblings!

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