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I spend way too much time reading books and watching educational stuff. I’ve also learned a few things along the way that I want to share with others, so here it is.

Stop Being So Technical!video

Are You Being Too Technical!?

It's easy to fall into the trap of over-processing everything. You can feel like you have to, but getting too technical can stifle your productivity.

How to be a successful producer

You want to become a successful producer, musician, rapper, or band? First you need to work out what that would look like. What is success? You need to define what it means to you.
How to get signed to a record labelvideo

How To Get Signed

Getting music signed seems to be everyone's main goal - producers, rappers, bands, and song writers. I'm here to explain that it might not be the best thing for you to be aiming for right now, but I've also got some pointers to boost your chances should you still want that precious record deal.
3 Youtube Channels To Follow for producers, rappers, and other artists - LOLO BX Blog - producer tips and tutorials for EDM and electronic producersvideo

3 Youtube Channels to Follow

If you watched my previous video on how to get the most out of Youtube, you would have heard me say you should have a Youtube account! Who should you follow?
How to become an EDM producer, electronic producer, or DJvideo

How to Become an EDM Producer

So you wanna be an EDM producer? A DJ? What's the best DAW for beginners? Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio? Let's break it down.
How to deal with the fear of rejection as an artistvideo

How To Overcome The Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection is one of the most crippling traits a person can have as a producer, musician, artist...
How to read more books in less time with a kindle e-reader - - LOLO BX Blog - producer tips and tutorials for EDM and electronic producersvideo

How to read more books in less time

I've learned A LOT from books. There's a reason so many of the people I look up to recommend reading - it's the best way to take in new information without distraction, and it's a good way to unwind.
How to get more DJ gigs - LOLO BX Blog - producer tips and tutorials for EDM and electronic producersvideo

How to get more DJ gigs

If you're trying to get your first DJ gig, or maybe land a few more, there are some things to consider. Nothing is free, but anything is possible! You just need to sharpen your approach.
How important is music art? LOLO BX Lessons - just the tip - Youtube videos for producersvideo

How Important is Music Art?

Does music art really matter? Single art, album art, EP art, social media content, even artist branding like logos -...

The dangers of social media

Social media is perhaps the greatest promotional tool of the modern day, giving the power back to the independent artist...

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