Bathurst trap producer LOLO BX live DJ show at Metro City Perth AUS

I fell into the trap. And not the bass variety haha.

At some point in the last while I became way too consumed with looking ahead and aiming for bigger and bigger things. Which generally helps you move forward, but doesn’t do much for your happiness and gratitude. You forget to be thankful for the goals you reach along the way.

I recently looked back to when I started having a proper go at the DJ game. All I wanted was to play at DK Pool Club (the Bathurst Wednesday night uni parties). I’ve played them for years now! I’ve played their biggest events and even headlined some. Big shoutout to the DK lads from over the years for giving my mates and I a start.

When I started putting some real effort into the lolo project all I ever wanted was to play at World Bar and release music on Sweat it Out – and I’ve done all that now!

I look around now and feel grateful as hell for all the support I receive from everyone. Especially the local mates who’ve been riding from day one.

I can see the journey now and I’m grateful for every single listener, follower, club promoter, label, blog writer, and friend who has helped me along the way. Now let’s keep going 💙