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I’ve learned A LOT from books. There’s a reason so many of the people I look up to recommend reading – it’s the best way to take in new information without distraction, and it’s a good way to unwind. A while ago I decided that my ‘to read’ list was too long and it was time to get back into the practice of reading a bit each day.

I’m currently reading a book a week.

I bought a Kindle

Well I asked for one for my birthday (thanks Mum) and it changed everything for me.

I was never interested in e-readers because I always liked the feel of a real book. I was under the misguided impression that it would be comparable to reading on an iPad – artificial and harsh on the eyes. But I was wrong!

This thing is actually easier to read than a book. Light, easy to hold, turn pages etc.

The matte screen and font display actually looks remarkably book-like. Hard to describe but you’ll know when you see it. You can also adjust the font, text size and a bunch of other display options.

ALL of the books at your fingertips

This one’s pretty obvious, you just scroll through the Amazon store and click on whichever book you want and bam, there you have it (one credit card charge later).

The other benefit is obviously carrying all of your books with you inside one small tablet.

It makes me read more per sitting

You can see how far through the book you are at the bottom of the screen. You can also find out how many minutes of reading time you have left in the current chapter. I find this is a game-changer as I check it when I want to pack up, and there’s often 2-5 minutes left – so I just keep going. When I get to the next chapter I sometimes check how many minutes it will take and read that one too!


I almost forgot this feature (completely forgot to mention in the video too). It’s probably the best part – you can highlight quotes, paragraphs or pages and they save automatically. So you can go back later and just open your saved notes and get an instant summary of all your favourite takeaways.

Some other cool stuff

• Glare free screen – read it outside
• Battery lasts ages (weeks)
• No book marks – turn it on and take up where you left off
• Read in the dark with the front lit screen

That’s it

Well that turned into one huge advertisement for Kindle. Worth it! If you’re keen to get reading more and you don’t have one already, check them out 🙂

Check out the Kindle Paperwhite here.