I made a music video! Huge shouts to FUXWITHIT for premiering this one. Check out my interview with them right here.

If you follow my instagram you’ve probably seen me excitedly sharing snippets of this for the past little while. It took months of experimentation and a lot of learning but I’m stoked to be finally sharing the finished product.

The music

I love Hiphop. Making rap beats was how I started producing. I still make them for fun every now and then, and most of my bootleg remixes are of rap songs. It feels good to finally bring that sound to an original, and even better to have Yuneer Gainz on the feature.

I first heard Yuneer on Ian Munro’s ‘Right Now‘ (which is still one of my favourite tunes) so he was my first choice to feature on this one. I was stoked that we could make it happen!

The video

We’re taking everyone on a BX video-game adventure in our brand new Bentley 😉

I wanted to try something different, and create an immersive experience across different platforms to hopefully complement the music.

I’ve loved making visual art since I was kid but it’s only recently I’ve started unlocking ways to use it for my music properly. I feel like I was neglecting a big part of my creative arsenal. It’s fun adding another dimension and creating an experience around the audio which is something I hope to build on with all of my future releases.

Out now

You can watch the video above and stream the single on your favourite platform here.

LOLO BX - Pulled up ft. Yuneer Gainz - 8 bit music video