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Youtube has been around for a minute, and we all know how to use it – but are you getting the most out of its features? I wanted to share a very basic tip that will make a big difference to your productivity and your ability to consume the most valuable (and relevant) content on the platform.

Create an account

If you don’t already have one – get on it. You can remain signed in on your computer and your phone, so the below features can benefit you wherever you go.

Use the playlist feature

Youtube’s algorithm is pretty good at suggesting videos related to your interests and viewing habits. Chances are when you find one video, it will offer you 5 others on the same topic – but you can’t remember to watch them all and you often don’t have time to.

Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, you can save any video to a playlist by clicking the button to the right of that video’s title.

You can choose to add a video to your ‘watch later’ playlist (which in my experience can end up quite full), or you can create a new playlist for each topic you want to learn about. This is a very simple way to structure the mess and build yourself a free learning blueprint to work through in your own time. How you structure these is completely up to you.

Utilise ‘dead time’

If you set aside occasional blocks of time for ‘education’, you can open up a playlist and smash it out with bulk efficiency. You can also make the most of what I call ‘dead time’.

Most videos are still helpful when heard rather than ‘watched’. This means you can consume the audio while driving, exercising, cooking, cleaning, or working. The drive to work takes me about 10 minutes so I choose a 10 minute video from one of my playlists and throw it on through my car’s bluetooth (note my phone is in my centre console – never watch-and-drive).

This is a very simple exercise that has allowed me to structure my learning and get through heaps of content throughout the day. It might help you too 🙂