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Which is the best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for making EDM? The first of many hurdles you will face when becoming a producer is choosing your workstation. There are plenty to choose from but the most popular are Ableton, FL Studio and Logic Pro. Can we narrow it down further?

They all do the same thing

Basically. Of course there are subtle differences – things like workflow, native plugins etc. The main point I want to make with this post is that you can become a great producer with ANY of these three workstations. Do as much research as you like, but it’s really not worth stressing over.

If one of them stands out to you more than the others for any reason – accessibility, affordability, popularity, I suggest you run with it.

My (very basic) summary of each

Ableton – popular for dance music

FL Studio – popular for hiphop beats

Logic Pro – popular for live recordings/bands etc

BUT each is interchangeable and their features cross over greatly. Most tasks are achievable in each of these three workstations.

Which DAW do I use and why?

I use Logic Pro X. Why? Because a friend gave me a free copy when I started.

I love it and will most likely use it forever. It’s great for me because I’ve learnt how to use it – which is the only thing that really matters.

If I really had to recommend a DAW for a beginner

I would say Ableton. It’s very popular which means more tutorials and easier collabs with other artists. The workflow is great and it does everything an electronic producer needs. I even use it occasionally myself.


Don’t stress over this decision. Ask some friends, compare prices (or the availability from… ‘elsewhere’), pick one and learn it front to back.

You’ll come to learn that music production is merely a process of making thousands of decisions one by one – and this is the first decision you have to make. An effective producer makes decisions quickly and moves on, keep that in mind 🙂

Once you’ve chosen a DAW you can move on to these tips.