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Social media is perhaps the greatest promotional tool of the modern day, giving the power back to the independent artist and allowing anyone to share their music with the world. But nothing is without its flaws.

We’ve all seen the viral ‘doom and gloom’ speeches telling us how evil social media and modern technology are. Cheesy lines about being so connected yet so disconnected. Our parents and teachers are telling us how bad it is. I believe the true impact of social media falls in between great and terrible – and it all depends on how we use it.

Don’t let it use you

When it comes to social media, you want your boat in the water but you don’t want the water in your boat.

You want to use these platforms, but be careful not to let them use you. Take notice of how much you let your reach, likes, comments, views and streams effect your mood and your overall perception of yourself as an artist and as a person. By all means, do everything in your power to position yourself for online success, but realise a large portion of the results are out of your control. Energy spent worrying about things out of your control is energy wasted.

Your energy is better spent on your next single, EP or music video.

Don’t compare

Everyone compares themselves to other people on social media. Not just artists, but kids and adults alike. Again, it’s not worth getting bitter about someone else’s reach or engagement. That person was once where you are right now. Just focus on yourself and your next piece of content.

Assess yourself

If your social media performance effects your mood at all, it might be time to ask yourself why, and look at ways to reframe. If you find yourself comparing, just remember that everyone is on their own journey and working on their own timeline. If you’re proud of your content, that’s all that matters. Go make some more!

Stay consistent

I’ve been through peaks and troughs myself – times where my output dropped and I stopped posting for months. I was just putting too much pressure on myself and was scared to ‘fail’, so no content was good enough for me to post. Ultimately this just made my engagement worse when I finally started putting stuff out again. The best thing you can do is just make content that comes easy to you. Be creative and be consistent. Just make whatever you enjoy making and let the rest handle itself 🙂