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We’ve all been there. Feeling unmotivated and uninspired. We all live busy lives so it can be hard to find the time for certain things. Hopefully this will help you find time AND motivation to get that music cranking.

#1 – Plan Your Week In Advance

Write it down. This is a big secret weapon. It’s easy to do and makes a huge difference.

Your plan will depend on how many days you want to spend making music, and how long per day. I suggest aiming LOW here which I will explain later. You just need one single goal per studio session.

An example plan might be:

Monday: Song X – process vocals
Tuesday: Song Y – finish mix
Wednesday: Song Z – structure
Thursday: Song X – mix
Friday: Song Y – final polish, prepare for master

It’s very important that each goal is achievable, so you’ve got no excuses. It should be easy for you to sit down and complete one per day. This will build massive momentum.

#2 – Minimum Viable Commitment

I got this term from Mike Monday – who has a bunch of effective courses on finishing more music. The concept is also the basis of a great book called ‘Mini Habits‘ by Stephen Guise.

First of all decide how many days per week you want to work on music, the more the better. Your minimum viable commitment is the amount of time you’re willing to commit to the task each day. This should be very SMALL – depending on where you are right now with your sessions it could be as short as 10 minutes. Remember this isn’t the maximum, it’s the minimum – you can go for longer if you choose to in the moment.

This makes each studio session less daunting. How easy is it to sit down and work in your DAW for 10 minutes? You’ll probably end up going longer, but anything over 10 minutes = successful day. This works wonders for your mindset and momentum.

The minimum viable commitment should be so easy that it’s impossible to fail. ‘Mini Habits‘ describes the process in great detail – the author started doing 1 pushup per day to get in shape!

The secret to getting ahead is getting started 🙂

#3 – Build Momentum

This should be an automatic result if you follow points 1 and 2. Everything falls into place when you get started!

Small win after small win builds momentum and keeps you motivated to go again each day. Success breeds success.

“A body remains in motion unless acted upon by an external force”.
– Newton’s 1st law

#4 – Don’t Stop

Newton’s law above says it all – if you stop, you’ll need some force to get moving again!

It’s a lot easier to keep moving than it is to start again. This step should be easy!

If you stop for a day or a week, you’re going to feel down on yourself and the care factor is going to be very low. This is why fad diets never work – they’re too hard to stick to and people stop. Usually breaking the diet in tiny areas until they no longer care about following it at all.

If your minimum viable commitment is easy enough, you should have no excuses and you should be able to fit it in around anything life throws in the way.

#5 – Listen To Music

This is another easy one but something I found myself not doing enough. Listening to other people’s music helps in a number of ways.

First of all it brings you back to reality – it’s easy to get caught up in your own production and develop unrealistic expectations/perfectionism. Sometimes I hear imperfections in my favourite artists music and realise that these are totally fine.

Secondly, listening to a bunch of other people’s music sparks ideas and boosts motivation. I like Spotify because I can have a private ‘inspo’ playlist for any song I want to reference later. I’ll often put this playlist on when I’m driving home to the studio to get me in the zone and keen to start.

Wrapping up

Rather than boosting motivation, these tips actually help sidestep the need for it. Motivation is based on emotion, and emotions are unpredictable and ever-changing, so it’s risky to base your productivity on it.

You’re far better off relying on a strict plan which you can implement every day regardless of your motivation level.