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Overcoming fear and anxiety caused by music, performance, social media, and everyday events can improve our quality of life and let us reach bigger goals and achieve our dreams.

Note: I’m not a Doctor, Psychiatrist, or trained professional. Some of us need more help than others when it comes to things like anxiety and if that’s you, I recommend seeing a professional. These are simply things that have helped for me personally. Fear and anxiety effects us all in one way or another, so hopefully you can get something out of the below.

I believe we can overcome any obstacle life throws in our path. I think a diagnosis no matter how serious is just a guide to direct us on our way to bettering ourselves, and we should never use a condition as an excuse. If we really want to reach a certain goal, we need a growth mindset, not a fixed one.

#1 – Everything you want in life is sitting just outside your comfort zone

We’re programmed to avoid change. Anything out of the ordinary is uncomfortable, so you’re going to have to get used to pushing the boundaries.

The good news is, the more you step outside your comfort zone, the more it expands. Think of riding a bike or driving a car. These things SUCK when you’re learning but they soon become second nature.

Anything new is going to feel unnatural at first. This doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path.

#2 – Focus on the present

This sounds pretty simple, but most of my anxiety comes from overwhelm and overthinking. Focusing on a large task all at once and going over all of the steps you need to take can make the task seem bigger than it actually is.

“There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.”
– Desmond Tutu

Most tasks, goals and large undertakings are actually a bunch of little ‘micro tasks’ that are surprisingly simple to complete.

Meditation is a popular and effective way to learn how to harness your thoughts.

#3 – Stop thinking and just do

Stop thinking about the future and all the other steps!

When you find yourself stuck in analysis paralysis, stop thinking and take the first step right now. Start the journey and let momentum do its job.

#4 – Thoughts aren’t real

Thoughts are just things. They’re usually not even true.

Thoughts are usually worst-case-scenarios being planted to stop you from putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. Your body wants you to stay home and watch netflix because there’s no danger there.

But the danger is spending days, weeks, months of your life doing something of little to no benefit to your future. Yes you will survive, but you won’t thrive.

Again, meditation can help gain control over your thoughts and allow you to analyze their actual value.

#5 – Break it down

This is a combination of all the previous steps.

Break down a daunting task into tiny bite-size pieces that make it impossible to fail. Make these pieces as small as possible and tick them off in your head as wins as you complete each one.

Don’t look ahead, just focus on where you are until you’re ready to move to the next step.

Put in the work

It’s easy to fall into the trap of watching helpful videos and reading articles without ever implementing the instructions. These things require YOUR effort to implement.

You might feel like you’re making progress by consuming gallons of content, but make sure you track your goals – the smaller the better, and get that momentum happening