LOLO BX Booties - remix artwork hand drawn and painted

I’m low key proud of how my remix collection looks these days lol 🙂

I’m a graphic designer by day so I know the importance of branding, but I’m also a compulsive creator who gets get carried away with new ideas every day so I find it hard to stick to one theme. Good branding is actually restrictive in a way, which almost feels counterintuitive because as an artist you don’t want to box yourself in. I’ve always broken my own rules when it comes to my own branding, but I think I’ve finally settled on something I can live with now and its feeling pretty cohesive.

I grew up drawing pictures well before I started making music, so this hand-drawn art has recently become one of my favourite parts of the process. Since finishing school I’ve probably picked up a pencil once a year at the most, so it’s been fun having a reason to mess around more.

To be honest I’m a big fan of 3D imagery and I wanted to build my art brand around that style. I’ve been teaching myself Cinema 4D but jumping on that bandwagon just felt a bit weird, because it’s already being done so well by other artists.

So I basically asked myself, what’s the opposite of slick, polished 3D rendered design? I guess it’s rough hand-drawn art. That’s about as deep as the thinking went. Then I figured it would also be more personal, unique, and more ‘me’ anyway.

I’m the same with music, I actively try to avoid certain trends in my production approach because I don’t want to be too generic. Whether or not that’s obvious to anyone else I don’t know (I could seem generic af) but it makes me feel better.

The bootleg art is rough on purpose. I want quick scribbles with blobs of paint just to differentiate it that little bit. I’ve also been painting heeeeeaps of art for my upcoming originals, which is a little more polished but a very similar vibe. I occasionally share them on my Instagram story.

I’ve been making the art for these originals during (and sometimes BEFORE) the actual song writing, so I feel they bleed into each other in terms of creative direction. I’m just out here trying to make something I can look back on and be proud of 🙂 Keen to start sharing more if it soon.