LOLO BX Music Australia

Welcome to my new home! I wanted more of a voice to share whatever I’m working on with whoever is interested. You can call it a blog, but it’s more of a central hub to connect my various platforms and help me present my projects with more depth and explanation.

I spend most of my time creating, and when I’m not creating I’m thinking about what I can create. It’s easy for me to get consumed in this process and isolate myself from the world for extended periods, which isn’t the most effective way to connect with you. This will give me a way to document, and hopefully get more content out of the hours/days/months I spend making stuff.

I’ll probably use blog posts like an extended facebook status so nothing too formal. I might share other stuff I’m vibing on whether it be other people’s music or something else entirely. I’ve been working on some left of field music projects too, so hopefully I can tie them in somehow.

Talk soon!